Girls please help explain why she never wants to do anything.?

She always says yes to going out, even initiates but doesn't want to go for walks, shows, go to baseball, play pool, shoot darts walk around the mall, or anything. She just wants to sit and eat and drink and talk. She is not shy. Whenever I suggest going from sitting to doing something she always says she is not interested in doing it but will join me and just watch. She also isn't in it for free drink because she always offers to pay and even forces money into my pocket sometimes. Can any woman out there shed some light on this for me? Why doesn't she want to do anything?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Some women just enjoy chatting and spending time with our men.  Maybe you should ask her one day what she would like to do or if there is something she would be interested in.  The fact that she goes with you and sits and watches is also a plus.  That means she wants to be there with you and watch you.  If she sits thru hours of just watching you do something then just being there with you is all she needs.  Some women are not shy but also will not engage in things we might be bad at so we would rather just sit and watch.  I come from a very sheltered life and I did not do much in my life so when a man asks me if I would like to do this or that I would always say no because I was afraid I would suck at it and embarrass myself.  But I didn't mind sitting and watching them.  Maybe if you ask her what she likes to do or can do and then show that you want to take interest in something she does then she will come around.  But some women would just rather be your arm candy and watch and still enjoy it.  Give her time, maybe one day when you ask her to shoot pool and she says no but she will watch, later in middle of game just ask her to come over and let you show her how to shoot or show her how to throw a dart.  Maybe she just doesn't know how

  • Teal
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    9 months ago

    If you don't believe she is shy or insecure, then I think this is just how she is. For some people, eating and chatting is their definition of a good time. Her other interests may be solitary in nature or she may not think you would enjoy them. Try to talk it out. Tell her you want to try things she enjoys too besides dinner and drinks. But it could be that you two are just plain incompatible.

  • Hypnos
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    9 months ago

    Maybe it's just not her thing. Maybe her thing is going out to eat and talk. If you want to do other things you need to be more vocal about the fact that you do. Don't ask if she wants to do it, say you'd really like to shop around or play pool or whatever it is. She'd probably be more inclined to say yes if she knows you want to do it, rather than asking her if she wants too. And who knows, even if she's not keen initially, maybe once you actually do it she'll realise 'hey this isn't so bad', and be more open to doing other things when you go out in future.

  • I is never understood what is the wrongs inside her. She is no interested in the anything and is vely bored

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