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At the sales meeting, Leo clasped his hands behind his head and reclined in his chair. Within minutes, three other team members were sitting in the same posture, demonstrating the psychological tendency referred to as

a. psychological reactance.

b. the chameleon effect.

c. low-balling.

d. idiosyncrasy credits.

The primary difference between the research of Sherif (1936) and Asch (1951) is that

a. Sherif was able to demonstrate conformity, whereas Asch was not.

b. Asch was able to demonstrate conformity, whereas Sherif was not.

c. Sherif relied on an ambiguous task, whereas Asch used an unambiguous task.

d. Asch relied on an ambiguous task, whereas Sherif used an unambiguous task.

Normative influence tends to produce ____, whereas informational influence leads to ____.

a. compliance; obedience

b. conversion; compliance

c. public conformity; private conformity

d. pluralistic ignorance; pluralistic knowledge

Prentice and Miller (1996) found that most college students overestimate how comfortable their peers are with alcohol on campus. This misperception is an example of

a. pluralistic ignorance.

b. psychological reactance.

c. mass psychogenic illness.

d. the chameleon effect.


What percentage of the participants in Milgram’s study of destructive obedience demonstrated complete obedience to the experimenter?

a. 10%

b. 35%

c. 65%

d. 90%

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    I am not doing your homework for you. And nobody else should either. You lazy, useless failure in training.

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