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True or False?

11. When faced with the dilemma of whether to act in one’s self-interest or cooperate with the greater good, women are more likely than men to cooperate

12. People seek out the company of others, even strangers, in times of stress

13. Infants do not discriminate between faces considered attractive and unattractive in their culture

14. People who are physically attractive are happier and have higher self-esteem than those who are unattractive

15. When it comes to romantic relationships, opposites attract

16. Men are more likely than women to interpret friendly gestures by the opposite sex in sexual terms

17. After the honeymoon period, there is an overall decline in levels of marital satisfaction

18. People are more likely to help someone in an emergency if the potential rewards seem high and the potential costs seem low

19. In an emergency, a person who needs help has a much better chance of getting it if three other people are present than if only one other person is present

20. People are much more likely to help someone when they’re in a good mood

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    False with everything 

  • liz
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    9 months ago

    11- I’m not sure that there is a demonstrable difference between men and women. May be true since women are more likely to be democrats, family and group thinkers. Men more individuals. Women more likely to agree with social programs for the good of all. Women are physically weaker and so they * have * to cooperate to get things done. 

    12- true for some types. Eg social types. False for those with anxiety disorders etc

    13- ooh, interesting. Could be true . Needs more work

    14- again needs studies.  I suspect less of a correlation than we’d think

    15 -true

    16-  could be true but again needs evidence 

    17- true or the phrase wouldn’t have been coined

    18- true

    19- needs evidence. Sometimes true I expect 

    20 -true

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    11. False, women tend to not care about the greater good, but instead simply won't act unless everyone agrees with the plan. This does not mean that they choose to do something that benefits everyone, as often the way they reach consensus is by shaming and bullying the women who don't fall in line until they do.

    12. False, people often push people away when they're stressed.

    13. True, they have different standards from their culture but they do discriminate between different looking faces.14. True

    15. False, that's an exaggeration, the two people do need to complete each other with some of their differences but they should still have more in common than not if they hope for the relationship to last.16. False, men are just horndogs so in their minds attractive women are sexual before any friendly gestures take place, women are the ones thinking every friendly action by men has something to do with them wanting sex (I don't blame them for assuming that because like I said, men are horndogs)17. True, but usually only temporarily.18. False, it really depends on the person whether they help others19. False, because people often look at what everyone else are doing to decide their own actions, which means that there's a higher likelihood of all 3 people seeing that the other two haven't reacted to the emergency, which causes them to not do anything either. However if one does break out of that mindset to help the person then the other two will follow. If there's only 1 person there then that person will have no one else to look to and will therefore be more likely to just react to the emergency itself.20. True

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