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I'm getting these turtles in my yard, I'm not sure if it's the same turtle or a different one. Do the shell patterns ever change?

The last 10 years I'm getting turtles show up in my yard. Do their shell patterns ever change or are they like human fingerprints where no two are the same and they don't change ever? I've begun photographing them as of 7 years ago and they're definitely different patterns. Does this mean it's different turtles? Thanks for your help reptile section!!

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    These are American box turtles (genus Terrepene). Their shell patterns can change over time. As they grow older, the patterns can start fading. When they are first hatched, they are not as brightly patterned. Different individuals do tend to have different shell patterns. I think they are eastern box turtles. Google eastern box turtles and click on images and you can see many individual differences in color patterns. If 2 of them have drastically different color patterns, then they are almost certainly different individuals.

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    There may be slight changes due to injury or wear.. Or growth lines between the scutes. But the overall pattern shouldn't show significant change.

    Sounds like you may live near nesting grounds, or live in an area that has some favorable conditions for turtles to thrive.

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    There are changes due to injury or age but the latter are quite slow. Very clever of you to photograph them. It's not as efficient as marking them but it's a good mechanism for a long-term study.

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    im pretty sure the shells dont change, u have multiple turtle friends

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