Which of my 3 book ideas is the best?

Idea 1:

Asher, a teenage boy with pure black eyes and a broken collarbone, accidentally and tragically kills his sister on the day of his mother's funeral. When the heartbroken boy and a stranger named Violet are mistakenly paired as roommates at a boarding school, Asher uses his pain to emotionally and physically abuse Violet. However, in his attempts to make her miserable, he grows to love her. Ashamed of himself, Asher sneaks off campus to commit suicide, but Violet follows, and the two suddenly become tangled in a toxic yet enthralling romance, which soon transforms into a horror when Asher loses his sanity and becomes homicidal.


Idea 2:

Elliot is a skilled gamer with pitch black hair and purple eyes. Madeline is his online gaming partner with faded pink hair and green eyes. When their other online friend goes inactive under suspicious circumstances, Elliot, Madeline, and the rest of their online clan leave home to find him, unknowingly throwing themselves into a journey involving stolen segways, too many sour straws, camping under the stars, and forbidden kisses in RV's, ultimately leading to the discovery of a dark

Update 2:

Idea 2 (cont'd):

about their missing friend, and each other.

Update 3:

Idea 3:

Two teenage boys, devoted Satan, hack into social media accounts and use harsh language to draw others to suicide. When a girl at their high school begins to catch on to them, they kidnap and abuse her in the bomb shelter beneath the school. When one of the satanists begins to fall for her, she convinces him that his ways are cruel, and he sets her free, but in doing so is attacked by his partner. The girl returns to save him, but the two suddenly find themselves captives beneath the

Update 4:

Idea 3 (cont'd):

school. Using the cell phones they've been given in order to help cyberbully others at the school, the two develop a secret code to encrypt into their messages, with hopes that they can be rescued.

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  • Ludwig
    Lv 7
    9 months ago
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    I think that is brilliant. If you can turn that into a full sized novel, you will become a very successful author.

    Make it into a trilogy.

  • Amber
    Lv 5
    9 months ago

    They all sound melodramatic, thriller plots but with noting unique about them. Your writing in itself is your main problem, not your ideas. I would suggest you research into character development since these ideas need a strong character. But all three will be good for practice.

    Start learning your craft and you'll improve.

  • Marli
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    You have a disturbing imagination.  

    Would an abuser fall in love with his victim?  I doubt it.  The abuser feels hate toward his victim, not love. Not even mercy.  He loves to torture people who are weaker than his is.  It gives him a rush of power. Like taking drugs or chocolate, an abuser wants to heighten the 'Pleasure" he feels, so he abuses more frequently and more intensely. So I think Ideas 1 and 3 are implausible.  I also suggest you break with evil thinking, or you will crave it more frequently and more intensely. Like poison, it will eventually kill you, and you would not like spending your afterlife in a hell of remorse.

  • 9 months ago

    Just telling stories is not enough.  You have listed nothing more than boring plotlines with meaningless detail.  Good writers make people feel a certain way or think about something unique.  Not only that, the stories are implausible, there is no character that people would want to engage with.

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