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If energy doesn't lie then is Satan god?

I feel a light good high energy when I think the word Satan. When I think of Jesus or connect to his energy I get a bad feeling. It's dark booboo. When I connect to Satan's energy I get a high frequency feeling. It feels positive and I feel all good inside. Also I get homophobic backstabbing signs when I connect to Jesus in the collective. Satan just gives me good tingles. And people say positive things too. What is the true truth. Does anyone know if Satan is really God and can you really convince me out of this whole fake Jesus thing. I don't want to end up on the wrong side. I feel like the true deception is Jesus is God. That name just sounds evil to me. Jesus. No ma'am. I'm sorry. Maybe I'm just connected to the truth.

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    No, silly. One has nothing to do with the other. The problem is that Satan wants you to feel good about himself and bad about Jesus Christ. There is nothing good about Satan, however, and nothing bad about Jesus Christ. Think again. You're being deceived.

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    Not surprising. Satan is much easier to follow. Jesus takes some effort.

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    The devil is not God and a person can know this with certainty by reciting the rosary every day with care and sincerity.

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    I think you are referring to Lucifer, not Satan.

    Lucifer is indeed in the bible, as the "morning star" which is the chosen English translation for the Latin lucifer in the Vulgate. The cause for some of the confusion is that they are actually referring to the same word in different languages, even the same concept. Another more direct translation for the original lucifer was "light bringer" which is itself another reference to the morning star, and is in fact actually the planet Venus.

    The reason for all of this dates back thousands of years.  If you read Homer you know there was a time where people would sit around campfires, or outdoor amphitheaters, telling stories to pass the time, or to teach of certain complex topics. These story tellers would craft night long epic tales that utilized the greatest stage of all, the sky. The stars of these plays? The actual stars. What would unfold is a telling of the various star constellations as castles, home to various gods. Those brightest stars which traveled the night sky faster than most were the "wanderers," which we now know to be the planets in our solar system, moving through our sky as they circle the Sun.

    In this most ancient classical story, as we have learned, is the character Lucifer, the Fallen Angel. Otherwise known as the morning star, light bringer. Son of the goddess Aurora (the dawn). The gods, and angels, exist in heaven up above, in the form of stars as the "shining ones." The story of Venus, as Lucifer the morning star, takes place in the early dawn time, when Venus shows brightest in the sky (for much of the year). For this reason it is said that Lucifer is the son of Aurora, the dawn. From the perspective of the viewers on Earth, the path that Venus travels as the night fades and the early morning light of the new dawn rises, is one which see Venus fall from high in the heavens above to the horizon below. He is the light bringer because what follows is the Sun bringing the light of day.

    Where one chooses to go next with this knowledge depends on their individual journey of gnosis. I will offer this reminder as my closing statement: "There exists many layers of understanding to work through, of which this is one."

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    Yeah you have run with all that. You will find out truth in this world or The next Jesus is God. The Devil Is A Liar

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