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Does anyone actually believe that robots will one day do all physical work or deprive humans of intellectual curiosity?

Some physical tasks will be replaced by robots. Not all. Carbon based life forms will always be more energy efficient than silicon based robots. Humans hold a particular advantage when it comes to the dexterity of the human hand.

AI will also never be as smart as people. A computer which calculates 4 million positions can't beat me at Nine Men's Morris. Calculating 4 million positions per move is very wasteful. It's a stupid way of thinking.

I also predict mate in 12, and say each move before it is played (See:

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). A computer can never return the favor.

I'm a computer programmer. Don't get me wrong, computers can do a lot, but they have limitations. They thrive in a 2D world. Even then, they're still specialized in a limited set of tasks.

The only way computers can thrive in a 3D world is if they simulate static objects. For example, imagine one could browse a library catalog or books they personally downloaded in virtual 3D environment (See: ). That wouldn't be artificial intelligence. Nor would it make people want to stop going to physical libraries.

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    I would be enormously hesitant to predict the future in any tech way. There is a quantification for how fast or extensively the human mind can think, and while I believe the human mind is still ahead of computers, it's not by several orders of magnitude and computers are catching up. This new quantum tech is arriving now too, which may tip the balance.

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    Intelligence is domain specific, specialized in certain areas, deficient in others. The same is true of AI. GAI, general artificial intelligence will be able to perform at levels higher than human's eventually. Robots require less energy to maintain, though to build there is a closer comparison in how much  energy they use.Today, the human hand and its human like precision and dexterity can be engineered.I am currently reading, "Homo Deus." 

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    Yes. And with that only the rich will buy and sell to the rich. For there will be so jobs or money. Famine and death for us all. Don't run

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