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What is oil made from?

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    Oil is defined as a fossil fuel that's made from carbon and hydrogen. It takes a very long time and very specific circumstances for oil to form, and most of the oil that we use today started forming millions of years ago.

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    When the earth was cooling off the first life was plant life for billions of years, from mold to plant to trees that lived and died and fell into the swamps , layer upon layer for a long time, so composting happened. Earth also had movements and crustal displacement so that lands disappeared as mountains formed and the plant would get caught in pockets deep in the earth so added heat and pressure cooked this compost slime into oil.

    WAY before ANY "living creature existed"(over a billion years before the dinosaurs existed.

    The La Brea tar pits(in California) have caught the odd dinosaur in them, meaning they have been around LONGER than the dinosaurs as tar is a form of oil.

      Coal formed the same way in drier hot pockets which is why it & charcoal are so similar.

    Back to oil.  It is essentially Carbon, Hydrogen,& Oxygen or the stuff plants are made of.

    We can make oil in the laboratory, using the same techniques except we can not make much and it costs a fortune to make a bit of it.  We cannot rush time so we need to use more pressure and more heat to eke out a couple of drops.

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    Oil may be a fuel that has been shaped from an oversized quantity of small plants and animals like alga and beast. These organisms fall to very cheap of the ocean once they die and over time, get treed underneath multiple layers of sand and dust.

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    Dinosaurs.  And maybe some plants.

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    An array of chemicals - mainly Carbon and Hydrogen

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    oil was made over millions of years from tiny plants and animals, called plankton.Together with natural gas, it makes up petroleum, which is Latin for "rock oil"

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    Oil, as in petroleum from the ground, is made from dinosaurs.  After the flood killed them all off, they washed up in coves and lakes and were buried by dirt.  The dirt became rock, and squashed them until their fatty tissues became what we know as petroleum deposits.

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      Seriously? You surely do not believe dinosaurs created all the worlds oil. 

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    Oil is a collection of dead  matter like insects  that has taken millions of years to accumilate into this liquid mass underground

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    What kind of oil? 

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    What kind of oil? Some types of oil are produced from petroleum. Others are produced from various types of seeds including olive, palm, corn, soy, coconut and rapeseed.

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