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How much will it cost to fix a damaged car door frame?

So my boyfriend drives a 2001 Cadillac Eldorado and there is heavy body damage on the right side of the vehicle. You can roll the window down but the door does not open. I’m looking to buy a new door to get it replaced but if there is damage to the frame of the door what should I do? Unfortunately I have no pictures for a reference. There are doors selling on eBay I was looking to purchase. Anybody have an estimate for the cost of replacing the door, etc?

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    Sometimes you can't see frame damage until you remove the door. If the window rolls down, and and the fender (and behind the door) looks good, then the new door should bolt up. I seen some that bolted up fine. And I've seen some that had to have the front post (and rear striker area) pulled out. You will have to have a body man look at it. Good luck.

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    Your boyfriend needs to take his car to a body shop and have it looked at by a specialist there for a repair estimate. Those are often done free and tell you what all needs repairing.

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    Take the car to a REAL auto body shop and get a "free" estimate.

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    This answer shows you what's involved in fixing a bent frame:

    A bent frame usually means the car is totaled.

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