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How worried should I be from a punctured Cola can?

I didn't know better. I drank my cola from a glass from the pop can. It has a tiny clean puncture hole in it. I accepted my responsibility to do what I could, because I claimed the can as mine to drink. I was to give the benefit of the doubt for it being a puncture from a cat claw, because the can box is where my cats usually climb the fridge.

   It was not squished from what my cats would possibly leave if it had to get it's leg out of the box. My can was just beneath the box opening. I felt no concern, however I do recall the quality that is still in my mouth, weird. I did drink it, I was in hysteria. I poured it into a glass with plastic ice cubes. I had to squeeze the pop out like an orange, because it had a slow consistency being poured by itself out. The hole is tiny like pencil lead tip. 

   There is no specific pages to my problem, I don't know my problem is considered the same as a dent. The hole of it is more like my dad method to drink ever drop from his beer cans, but right in the middle of the side. It wasn't my dad who done anything with, since he moved away. Not in this house to possibly do anything. 

    I know I read a line from someone answering on a different site as this saying as long the pop can is not punctured it should be fine, but I don't know what the commenter thinks as a puncture. My can was pretty clean except for the hole, would it need to be found as being squished too? Mine wasn't squished.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    A puncture means that it has been exposed to germs in the air and the carbon dioxide that was dissolved into the drink would probably have escaped to the atmosphere, and the sugar inside may have fed a lot of bacteria. Drinking it means you risk potential food poisoning and in any case, it would probably taste different from a fresh can.

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  • 7 months ago

    A hole in a soda can, a syringe with GHB or poison .... that's how a good story begins.

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