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How to get rid of marijuana odor from my condo unit?

I live in a condo. My next door neighbor smoked marijuana in his unit back in August. The smoke ended up in my unit. I told them to stop, and he did. But I can still smell the odor. This past week I have been cleaning to get rid of the odor by using baking soda and vinegar. I thought it was working. But when I got home last night, I can smell the marijuana odor. The cleaning is not helping. The odor has been taken a toll on my health. I got sick back in September. I got nasal congestion, sore throat, and coughing. I went to the doctor twice for my bad cough. He gave me different inhalers for each visit. Nothing has worked. I am going to see my doctor again today. The odor makes my asthma worse. Any advice to get rid of the marijuana odor out of my condo unit?


I read the bylaws. It says that as long as the smoking or odors don't go into the neighboring units. If there is continuous complaints of infiltration, then the association will enforce the offending co-owner to seal any cracks in the walls, gaps in between plumbing, etc. I told the president of the association that I can still smell the odor. He said that the smoking only happened one time. There is nothing to be done. 

Update 2:

I think that when he has his furnace on, it blows contaminated air into his unit, then it gets into my unit. Is it possible for that to happen? How can I get the HOA to enforce my neighbor to pay for sealing the walls, plumbing, etc?

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    It sounds like your neighbor is still smoking marijuana. 

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    What about incense or air fresheners or an air purifying system to rid your apartment of odors?

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