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 I have a question for someone who works in the veterinary field….?

 I have a 12 1/2-year-old male cat, who may be developing a kidney problem.   I am assuming this, because he is always hanging his head over the water bowl for a long time before he drinks, and he likes to hang out in the bathroom, and try to get water out of the tap  I’d like to keep a small bowl on top of the toilet lid, where he can jump up and reach it.   I can no longer afford to take him to a vet (long story), And I’m trying to get help for that.   Anyhow, I’m not asking for money. But I want to do is find him some affordable low sodium wet cat food.  Is there any place online that I can order such a thing?

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    Your cat may have a UTI - you could try adding  cranberry powder to his food or a little juice to his water. Also is he hungry? Cats will drink water to try and fill themselves up if they're not getting enough food.

    He might just be a daft cat who has funny ways though. But please be careful I had a neighbour whose kitten drown in the toilet looking for water.

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    You can't just guess what is wrong and try to fix the problem with food.  The cat MUST be seen and evaluated by a vet - if you can't afford that, then surrender the cat to a shelter or have the cat put down humanely.

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    There ARE vets here, but nobody will diagnose your cat without proper testing and exam.  There are multiple diseases that could possibly apply and giving a wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment and even wrong diet could end up being fatal.

    No vet will ever diagnose via text.

    There are organisations that will allow you to pay via payment plan. I'm not sure if you have an AWL in the States (Animal Welfare League) but I do know you have the ASPCA.   My best suggestion is to look into one of those because I'm afraid you will need a vet's advise and testing.  

    Do not self-diagnose and do not give him a prescription diet without understanding why you're doing it.  The wrong diet is just as dangerous as giving the wrong medication.

    Having said that, yes there are online stores that will provide said prescription diets, but you will require a script from your vet for most.

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    so--no vets on this site are giving out free advice--your cat could have any number of issues--hyperthyroidism and diabetes also cause a cat to hang out near the water.  low sodium food is not recommended for kidney disease--lower protein, low phosphorous  and low ash is---and the lowest ones are the prescription diets (but most cats hate them)  find out what is really wrong with your kitty--then do some research.

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    Don't assume and DIY treat your cat, especially as you don't know what is wrong and could be giving your cat nothing at all that can help it....... you need to find the money and get it examined or search for low cost/free/donation vet treatment where you live and there will be somewhere......... or you sell off things you don't need, find a job/second job, loan it from family/friends or put it on a credit card to find out what is wrong with your cat

    30 seconds on google finds lots of information

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    There are no vets here. 

    He sounds like he has vision issues.  Cats can't see very well up close, but with him it sounds like he really can't see because he is banging his head on his water container to get the light to reflect on the water so he can see if there really is water in it. 

    I recommend getting multiple water dishes and filling them with fresh water daily. 

    He should be going to the vet twice a year for a standard wellness exam. 

    If you think he is having kidney problems he needs blood tests from the vet. 

    Even then, a low sodium cat food is not the solution.  He needs to be on a diet specifically for renal failure, but only if he is in renal failure.  If he is not the food will cause damage because he isn't getting what he needs from his food.

    Look around at low cost vets in your area.  See if there is a shelter that offers low cost vet care.  If you can't get him the medical care he needs, he needs to be in a home that can.

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