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Will friends I add on 3ds be able to see my personal data?

(Except my first name) just wondering if anybody would see my location, pictures, etc. Will they be able to see personal info?

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  • 9 months ago

    The only information your friends via the Friends List on the 3DS will see are...

    * Your Username (on-system)

    * Favorite Game

    * Your Status (Offline, Online, In-Game)

    * Current Game / App running (or last ran)

    As for pictures / photos, only the ones you post online via Twitter, Facebook or other platforms will be visible to those based on your privacy settings.

    Location information may show in-game to the country level for all.  Those within your country might be able to see the state / providence / region you're in, but this is an opt-in deal (you have to filling provide it in-game first).  Same for Birthdate (Month & Day) for some games like Animal Crossing, but it's also an opt-in deal.

    Any personal information beyond this would be provided by yourself to others directly through the system OR indirectly through other services like Facebook.

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