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How accurate is the political situation in Venezuela as portrayed on the Amazon series, season 2 of Jack Ryan?   ?

As a country very rich in natural resources, how has their policies impoverished many citizens causing many to seek asylum elsewhere?

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    Their money is worthless, millions have left for nearby countries like Columbia. Grocery store shelves are empty.

    No medicine.

    If  Maduro wasn’t protected by Cuban bodyguards his own people would kill him.

    An oil rich country can’t produce enough gas for domestic consumption. The power is intermittent, like California.

    It’s socialist electricity which is a lot like third world electricity.

    Hollywood celebrities no longer visit!

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    I haven't seen the show yet, but inflation of 3% is a strain on an economy, and 5% or higher is really bad, your having major economic issues at 5%, Venezuela's hit 1 million % inflation.  So whatever cost you 1 unit of currency cost you a million units of currency a year later.  Its a economic disaster of epic proportions. Think if you owned a gas station in Venezuela, your literally selling gas out of your pumps and by the time the replacement truck gets there, you can't afford to put new gas into the tanks to the pumps at that rate of inflation. 

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    True, especially in regards to oil.

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    I have not seen the TV show.

    Millions of Venezuelans have fled the country due to the socialism-caused crisis in Venezuela.

    The people who have not fled are eating their pets to avoid starvation.

    Behold the glory of international socialism!

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    They spent like drunken sailors when the money flowed in but didn't invest in infrastructure or hedge against a downturn in the price of oil.

    That coupled with institutional corruption and you get a failed state. 

    Venezuela is hardly unique in this regard, any country with a heavy dependence on one commodity that fails to protect itself against a downturn through diversifying its economy is a ticking time bomb for its population. 

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    Socialism did it.

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