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Im tired of living?

I’m a current female senior in high school. I moved states during my sophomore year In high school and I’ve been miserable ever since. High school is suffocating. I’ve been feeling lonely and tired of living. It’s so hard to get out of bed and I lost interest in everything. I’m physically and mentally tired of school and the Ap classes I’ve been taking over the last few years. I am yelled at for everything. My parents criticize me for everything and yell at me for the smallest dad has always had violent outbursts which contain me from expressing myself further. My siblings yell at me all the time. When I try to express myself everyone says I should ignore it and be strong. But I’m exhausted. I’ve never been good enough. Everyone uses me when they need me and throws me away when they don’t. My “friends” don’t really talk to me and when I do try to talk to them they are too busy. I’ve been feeling guilty about talking to older men online recently. I’m to a point where I wonder if I’m a failure and a burden. My mind insults me all the time as well and living like this is the worst. Am I wrong? What is wrong with me then? 

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    It sounds like your are overwhelmed by the changes in your life and suffering from depression. I have attached a fantastic article that deals with teen depression and discusses helpful strategies. I hope it helps you.

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    We're in no position to diagnose, but what you describe sounds like depression. If that's the case,you're wrong about this - you think you're physically tired, but you're not.

    There's something very important to understand - the difference between motivation and energy.

    People say, "I know there are things that will make me feel better - getting exercise, taking care of myself, straightening up the house and cleaning, but I'm depressed and I don't have the energy." The thing is, people do have energy when they're depressed - as much energy as they always do, but for some reason, the system is reluctant to let you use your energy.

    Why is this? One theory - our prehistoric ancestors didn't get depressed, and we haven't evolved good instincts for dealing with depression.

    We have to use psychology to coax energy out of our systems. Psychology has some nifty tricks.

    I'm guessing that you're getting yelled at because your sense of fatigue has reduced your activity and you're not working the way you usually do. 

    This bothers your parents, but yelling is not the solution to the problem.

    The best thing would be for you to get professional help, I say that knowing that a lot of the time, parents are against it, even when it's obvious that there's a problem. 

    People has given this advice 5 stars more than once -

    Treatment usually begins by seeing the GP, who can give you a physical and a referral. I mention referral because just a bottle of pills is not a very good approach.

    The things you'd want to tell the doctor are how you feel at different times of day, any symptoms you might have such as change in appetite or sleep, and things in your life affecting how you feel.

    Doctors have become more reluctant to diagnose teenagers as depressed,so you might want a second opinion.

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    You need a change maybe just learn to not care about what is bothering you and make a plan on how you are going to start a new life for yourself you don't need to include anyone in your life YOU don't want 

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    There is nothing wrong with you. Sometimes we all feel invisible. Push for yourself, and you will find zero limits, even with judgmental people surrounding you. You're not tired of living you are tired of satisfying people.

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    See a therapist or at least talk to your counselor at school. It doesn't sound like you'll get much help from your family. Life is hard. Get used to it. Good luck.

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    You think high school is miserable??? I bet you'll be more miserable AFTER high school.

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