Starting a new job, but have to resign my old one. Is this the right choice?

Over the past year I have been working at this hospital per diem. During this time I have literally applied to the hospital system about 6-7 times (with four to five of those times at the same hospital I am currently working). It is for the same position I am currently working, but for full-time. Each time I have applied I have been passed over (this last time my application shows pending, but have yet to hear back from them. It has been a month since I have applied. Not to mention I recently asked my manager about the application status). I have also asked to be trained in different areas, to be more well rounded. That has also been met with excuses why I wouldn't be trained. This whole time I have been also applying to other facilities for a full time opportunity. Just yesterday I received a call saying that I got a full time job, working at another hospital to start next month. Now due to the fact that I feel I won't be able to handle working the full time, and two per diem jobs. Yes I did get 2nd per diem job within the last two months (which has trained me in the areas that my first job refuses to train me). I am willing to give the 2nd job a chance while working with my new job. I just feel bad for resigning from my first job, since they gave me my first big break out of school (I just don't like the fact that aside from hiring me, they don't seem to have faith in me to do more). I need some advice on this, because I feel so conflicted about my decision.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
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    They didn't give you a "big break" for your own benefit, they did it because it was the best choice for their business.

    You take care of YOU. Your employer is not going to do it. There's nothing to feel guilty about, as they would throw you out on your head without a second thought if they no longer needed you.

  • Judy
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    3 weeks ago

    You're making the right decision, and have no reason to feel bad. good luck

  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    I've ALWAYS secured a new job before giving notice at my present job.

  • reza
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    3 weeks ago

    Do what’s best for you. If the place you’re at now has clearly no interest in furthering your experience and training, then it’s definitely time to leave. To make the transition go over better I’d give as much notice as possible before your last day so they can do whatever they need to do to prepare, and if they have a final HR meeting with you to talk about the job, mention you’re frustrated that they wouldn’t train you and further your education on work you put in interest to learning that you felt was well within your capabilities, and also that you needed a full time position. Don’t let it hang over your head and feel sorry for them obviously not wanting to help you help them. If you get a better opportunity, take it.

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