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Why isn’t the guitar tuning CGcadg more popular?

I tried looking it up online but couldn’t find anything about it. It sounds like it’d be great for like a heavy metal sound or something? If you play try it out and tell me what you think. Also, if you’re a music theorist please explain why it isn’t more popular. 

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    I am a theorist. BM, BME , MM. The history of the tuning of string Instruments is complicated, but for both plucked and bowed, the concept of most strings being a fifth (fourth in basses) apart turned out be best, due to the capacity of the hand. (This also was affected by Pythagorean division of the string and the resultant pitch within the harmonic series.) This also allowed players to switch from one to another more easily. And choices of alternate tunings were at the whim if the player - and their ability to function in that new territory. Same for wind players, brass players - you learn to move between them as multilingual speakers move between languages. The concept of a *standard* tuning and pitch (like A440) also allowed musicians to play with others - that was flexible for centuries, and still generates refinements to this day. Whole story is a lot longer . . . .

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