Can I help a hematoma drain faster?

I had a mastectomy a little bit ago and I went to get my drains removed but my doctor told me I have a hematoma on one side and need to keep that drain in for at least another week and if it's still not drained I might need to go for more surgery to clear it up.

Is there anything I can do to help the hematoma drain faster? I'm still wearing the compression vest they gave me, would a stronger compression help or would it make it worse? Has anyone had a hematoma surgically drained? How fast is the healing process for that? I'm just looking to heal as fast as possible so I can take a proper shower. Cant get the surgical site wet, can only bathe from the waist down and I feel like I have to do acrobatics to wash my hair :(  the other side is healed up so nicely but this side is holding me back and I'm desperate 

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  • 9 months ago
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    Staying hydrated and keeping the drain open (if you have been instructed to do so) are the primary factors you can change.  Keeping the drain in a position to work with and not against gravity can help as long as maintaining that position doesn't apply pressure in a manner that inhibits drainage.   There is a point where compression can squeeze too much, so don't change the compression without checking with your doc's office.  You could call them and ask if greater compression would help. 

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