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Trump calls Democrats "human scum". Is this presidential?

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    Nothing Trump has ever said since he was elected has been presidential.

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    If you call being honest, then this.

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    Has Trump ever done anything Presidential? 

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    Absolutely Not.  But, in fairness, he is singularly driven by self-interest and narcissism to such extreme that his statements and actions are not only reactionary but beyond his control. Further, he has no concept of being "Presidential" and/or any other behavior beyond his own which in his world is applicable in all situations.

     Similiarly, I have serious doubt as to whether he knows when his words and actions are unethical or criminal.  Which is partly due to a lack of knowledge about government and/or the Presidency, but also because of him being blinded by his narcissism to the point of delusion.  No, not Presidential.  But, unlike assessing any of those before, the question may need to be graded on a curve with a greatly reduced bar.        

    • Yes, but for outside interference and who knows what, Republicans would/could still be investigating HRC for Benghazi. That said, let's remember when colloquially using the term "Benghazi" for political purposes-it is a Libyan city where US soldiers & civil servants were killed in an attack. OK?    

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    Trump is not only not Presidential, he is a corrupt criminal treasonous psychopath and the most unamerican person I have ever seen. Republican Ted Cruz put it best about Trump during in 2016...he said "Donald Trump is a pathological liar and poor excuse for a human being who only appeals to the most idiotic voters in our country"

    • koalatcomics
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      perhaps you were under your rock when you voted for lying about Benghazi fast and furious Solyndra and the unaffordable care act.  people died because of the incompetence of your community organizer playing president, NUMBSKULL.

  • 3 weeks ago

    It's true in his opinion. But not presidential. He is still a good president 👍 though

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    dont sound like it

  • Brian
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    3 weeks ago

    No, it's just donnie being donnie.

  • 3 weeks ago

    But he's NOT 'presidential'. And that is - in part at least - why he won the election.

    • Stan Dalone
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      John, I'm afraid you're mistaken there.  Winning doesn't mean you had a landslide.  No one needs a landslide to become president.  Our current president didn't win the popular vote, but he did win the electoral vote, which is unfortunately how our system works.  In the race that matters, he won

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