Why would previous owners plug drain into sump pit?

 I recently bought a house and knew it had a sump pit but no pump. I do not get water in basement(yet) so figured it's not an issue. I am having a plumber come in the spring to put in pump and pipes to drain it outside. And radon mitigation. Water does come into the pit and twice I have pumped it to the laundry tub. The water has never gone over the pit. My gut feeling is the old owners had a sump pump and pumped it to the drain or tub.I could do this until spring.  I just noticed one of the drains into the pit has a bottle in it.This bottle fits tightly blocking the drain hose.  No idea why the old owners did this. Should I remove it? I'm worried it will flood with water, but is it doing damage if the water isn't draining into the pit?

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  • 8 months ago
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    my guess is they used the bottle as a temporary stopper. btw, that might be the drain to outdoors, not a drain into the sump. [assuming there used to be a pump there but no longer is] you might want to trace that hose back to wherever it goes

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    • sam8 months agoReport

      Thanks for your reply. I'll get a plumber this spring to install proper pump and pipes. I also have to do radon mediation. I did have a house inspection, and they only stated there was a sump hole but no pump. It appears water has never entered the basement floor.

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    if you know where they are maybe you should call them and ask them

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    • sam8 months agoReport

      I have a plumber coming in the spring for several issues. I'm 73 year old female with no plumbing knowledge. I live in an area where houses sell the minute they hit the market. It took me a year to grab this one. It's a great house, but has some questionable issues.

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