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What is your experience with social anxiety ?

I was just wondering what symptoms people have because I'm not sure if my issues are because of my social anxiety or something else. 

- feel like I'm not good enough. - sometimes go completely quiet when I'm in a group and can't seem to talk. - my voice is sometimes so small. - I don't feel like I can make a difference and have no confidence. - fast heart, sweaty, racing thoughts, lose breath, red face, sometimes skin goes tingly when in social situations. - feel disconnected from my body and from life. - keep going into my imagination. - can't function and do simple tasks. - struggling to find a job. - I can't hold onto information in my brain, as soon as I learn something I lose it and I can't put what I learn or how I feel into words. - intrusive thoughts about religion and people. - I get clumsy and sometimes have trouble with spatial awareness. - I can't process what people are saying sometimes, I process it late or will have to ask what a million times or just act like I know what they said. - the world feels fake and fragile. - I have thoughts implying I'm making up my problems. - Im not sure if I'm going to be able to ever function like a normal adult. I feel like a child. - I like to be alone and push people away but I also need someone. - sometimes I share too much information and don't know where to draw the line. - I feel like I have to be a certain way for people to accept me. - I don't feel pretty enough or smart enough or lovable. Thankyou. 

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    The truth is nobody is going to help you with this problem ever. You have to help yourself. The world is full of selfish people. Kids who have learned this at a young age are very smart. Not every kids are that smart though like myself. I struggled with anxiety all my life and couldn't find a way out. I thought people will help me at some point but it never happened. By the time I realized that it was too late. I hope this won't happen to you young man. There are medications to lower anxiety something I wasn't aware about when I was young. Somebody could've at least told me about it but no one did not even my parents. So go get the drugs as soon as you can. F*** anxiety and enjoy life.

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    I'm sorry you're going through that. It sounds stressful, and I've known quite a few people of all ages who have experienced similar things. 

    I can't diagnose you over the internet, but I can point you towards resources that may help. 

    Overall, it does sound like you are experiencing anxiety of some sort. I'm also expecting that you are experiencing some Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. RSD is where a person is more sensitive and reactive to criticism than average. People with RSD may be discouraged more easily and tend to have a harder time with social things. It's not your fault and doesn't mean anything bad about you, but it is good to know your triggers and patterns so that you can take better care of yourself. I suggest checking out this self-quiz and then reading the article below that if it seems like a fit. 

    Self test for RSD

    About RSD

    Regardless of what conditions your out to have, please know that you aren't alone in what you are facing and that there are quite a lot of people who are trying to collect thir own experiences so people like you can have an easier time than they did. I hope you find some resources and connections that help you navigate these struggles. 

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  • 8 months ago

    I have learned from a very, very early age that NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE ME OR TAKE CARE OF ME.

    And so, I have had to learn how to help myself.

    I strongly recommend that whomever is enabling you to be this way should be gotten out of your life so that you can function.

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    Social anxiety needs to be officially diagnosed by a doctor, not yourself or people online. It is way more than being shy, a loner and/or way more than being an introvert. I see way too many people labeling themselves with this when they have never even seen a therapist or psychiatrist. True social anxiety is debilitating. It controls yourself. I have struggled with it since I was about 15. At one point I couldn't even walk to my mailbox.

    For me at my worst, I felt true danger outside my home. I felt anyone and everyone was judging me or I'd make them mad. My fear in my mind was irrational for example just walking to my mailbox my mind fought back and forth with how I should act if I saw anyone even walking by or driving by. Would they be mad if I didn't smile or wave? Would they think I looked ugly or fat? These thoughts and worries consumed me.

    I was better if my husband or kids were with me. I felt they drew attention away from me but anxiety would fill me where ever I went. I would do ok in small groups but not in crowds. If I was in a large group of people it felt like the noises around me was amplified so voices would echo and I'd feel everyone was talking to me and judging me. I felt everything about me was wrong and it was almost like I was naked.

    It took me years of therapy to get over this. I still struggle but therapy taught me coping skills that I use.

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  • 8 months ago

    When I was younger there was plenty of times where I avoided situations with crowds, times where I wouldn’t talk around people, in school I was the quietest one around. 

    My first time I went out to apply for a job, it was back when they still did paper applications,  I was shaking so bad while filling it out, I could barely fill out the applications, I was so f’n nervous.

    I’ve had high blood pressure all my life and that is genetic, taking medication for that helps, and seems to help the anxiety too, but I still dread change, still dread traveling, I avoid confrontation when I can, sometimes, if I’m given some time I can ease into change on my own, or if I’m around someone I completely trust I can open up and feel more comfortable doing things I wouldn’t otherwise.

    It can be a real nightmare to suffer from anxiety and/or depression. Sometimes taking some deep breaths and just having someone to vent to is all that is needed for me, someone who I can talk to who won’t judge, who actually cares, who will be encouraging, and will just listen so I can get things off my chest.

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