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1990 toyota pickup no electrical power to ignition or accessories after accidentally dropping screwdriver grounding battery?

while my (1990 Toyota Pickup 3VZE V6 4x4) truck was running I accidentally grounded the positive terminal of the battery to the power steering pump which immediately shut off the truck and now there's no power to anything electrical. I checked all the fuses under the hood which are good none popped, same with the fuses inside the truck. I swapped the battery from my (22re)4runner to my truck which then i heard the buzz noise from the key being in the ignition and all power to electrical accessories came back until I turned the key to start the truck and heard a click and lost power again even after disconnecting and re connecting the battery to see if power would come back. what should I check to see what would cause this issue since something is damaged


after leaving the battery disconnected for a while I have power back with the key on with engine off but consistently just get a click then lose all electrical power when I turn the ignition to start the truck

Update 2:

first answer was correct, checked ground connection from battery to body burned leaving it held by a few strands of copper, I used a small jumper wire which is nearly the same gauge as the factory 5 inch long ground wire in place to finally get power back and start the truck but it got really hot after starting truck which seems like it should rely on a different thicker ground point than just the one that burned

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    The situation with the 4Runner battery seems like a bad connection.  Even though you disconnected the battery and reconnected it again, I would repeat that while taking the time to clean the terminals.  

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    There is a fusible link that blew out. On a Toyota that old I'm not sure if there are fusible links in the positive battery cable clamp or in the engine compartment fuse box. if in the fuse box they would be the larger fuses and possibly bolted into the fuse box. Also look for a separate smaller fuse box that may have a couple of fusible links in it.

    Put the original battery back in as it's charged.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    Connect jump cables from battery negative to block and battery negative to body.  Try to start.  Truck starts, you have found the evidence.

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