Does RuneScape count as streaming and/or bog down the internet?

I work in a office that has 500+ people working at any given time and an internet download and upload of 90 Mbps.  We are not allowed to stream at all, so I want to know if Playing RuneScape counts as streaming.  Or if playing it will slow down the internet at all.  If possible I would like to get proof of whatever answer I'm given, please.

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  • 8 months ago
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    RuneScape, being an MMORPG would technically count as "streaming" as there's a constant I/O stream between you & the server you're connecting to.  HOWEVER, there are some key notes to this

    * You will have to download the game client & updates before you can log into the world. -- This is going to have some of the game front-loaded into your browser / computer before you can play.  Whenever a major event happens (like Christmas & Easter) & any major updates will cause a temporary bottleneck on the servers, taking multiple minutes (or even HOURS) to even get onto a server.

    * You will have to download some chunks of the game world that you'll be playing in (or traveling through). -- This is where the big spikes of data will occur whenever you change "chunks", but this gets cached on your side, so it loads up faster on subsequent visits (as you're not re-downloading that chunk).

    * Playing the game (after downloading the world chunk) has VERY LOW BANDWIDTH REQUIREMENTS...  which is around 250 bps (or 0.25 Kbps) on average.  HOWEVER, this is dependent on the density of players in the area.  If you're a crowded area (like Varrock), bandwidth requirements will be higher.  If you're in a more deserted or restricted area (like the crafter's guild or chef's guild), your bandwidth requirement will be considerably lower.

    The main reason for this fluctuation is that you're sending updates of your character to the server & receiving updates of other players, NPC's & anything else that changes within the game world.  The less "stuff" there is to update, the less data gets used & the less lag you'll likely run into.

    Please be aware that BY CONTRAST, streaming music averages around 128 Kbps (can get up to ~320 Kbps, depending on quality & format) & streaming video averages around 3000 Kbps (typically around 1000 - 6000 Kbps, depending on resolution & quality...  This is EXCLUDING 4K content)...  so the game can be considered relatively "dial-up friendly", assuming you have the game downloaded & the majority of the world cached.

    TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST, I wouldn't recommend playing at work in general (especially on the clock) as it would be considered a misuse of work resources & that you have to temporarily download & install the necessary game files to the computer, which is likely a violation of work's IT policies (unauthorized software).  If you don't get fired, your IT admins will likely block access to it.

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  • 8 months ago

    It’s a pretty low connection game, I’ve read online that you can comfortably play it at .5 mbps, so yeah it’ll bog down the internet but only the tiniest amount. I’d say give it a try but if you hear people complaining about slower internet then stop.

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    8 months ago

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