What would happen if the Canadian Prime Minister forgot to go and ask the Governor-General to dissolve the Parliament and call an election?


Now that federal elections are held four years apart, I mean.

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  • Clive
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    8 months ago
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    The Governor General would have to dissolve Parliament anyway when the 4 years is up, because the law clearly says there must be an election.  If the Governor General fails to do so and Parliament continues to sit, the Canada Elections Act doesn't prescribe any punishment (because what would it be?), but there would be a powerful argument to say that any laws Parliament makes after its time is up would be null and void.  So anyone prosecuted under any such law could easily just appeal on the grounds that the law wasn't validly made and doesn't legally exist.

    And I expect any interested citizen could launch a legal appeal with the aim of forcing the Governor General to call an election.  Ultimately, the Queen could sack the GG and appoint a new one who will hopefully do the job better.  Or she could call an election herself.

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