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Michael Owen at Utd?

Hit or miss


Both Uniteds Man and NewCastle

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    Ill go with hit for this one considering this was a washed up Owen plagued by injuries. He had done nothing much special at Newcastle for four years or so. He was a free for united and scored some important goals, late winner vs city, a hat trick in Europe and I think he scored in a league cup final before being withdrawn through injury. If my memory is wrong don't be too hard on me now. He was brought in by united as a bit part player on a pay as you play deal so there wasnt much expectations for him so I think he may have exceed those low expectations set by the club and the fans

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    At Newcastle definetely a miss.

    at Manchester United he was a success because if you consider his age, and his history with injuries at the time of signing him on a free, I believe just being able to keep fit for such a long time and being able to play as many games as he did for us, and he netted a few goals for us which were not tap in's either, these were goals scored with skill and confidence reminiscent of the Michael Owen of younger years when he was on fire at Liverpool.

    In all honesty he was a shrewd signing and a gamble by Sir Alex, but he put his faith in him, we backed him and supported him and that in turn gave him confidence to return the favor.  And boy did he.

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    Well he wasn't the Michael Owen in his prime thats for sure.

    We used him at his peak and got the best years out of him before he did the unspeakable act of signing for the scum.

    anyway, thats so ancient history.

    now not even Michael Owen can help Manure get out of 10th place in the league lol

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    Possibly neither

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Yes you keep asking this silly question and its getting boring 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Are you from Chester or something?

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