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How can I feel less deprived?

As a kid, I was only allowed to vacation in the home country(aka Serbia) when I finally went to Western Europe, It was too late. It felt just like Serbia.

Now I'll never know what California, Paris, etc. was like before the Migration Crisis. Whenever I think of North America and Western Europe, I'll think of the farm in the Balkans.

I never had the time to be young

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  • 8 months ago

    Not sure what "migration crisis" your talking about. The US has have mass immigration's since the 1850's. Farms are farms they don;t change much from one place to another. To feel less Deprived thing of the people who settled the US 200 years ago and had no modern conveniences.

    Source(s): Family came to the US long before the US existed.
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  • 8 months ago

    So there has been a population shift with different ethnicities. The Eiffel Tower, Westminster, the Empire State Building, and thousands of other landmarks are still there. Indigenous and ethnic food is still there. Great art and architecture is still there - in any city in the world you pick. For hundreds of not thousands of years, people have moved around. Get over your self-pity and start going where you want! We do. Then quit whining.

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