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Shoulder makes sound like grinding / gravel?

I’m 20 years old and my right shoulder often cracks and makes auditable noises when I move it. When I put my ear up to it it sounds like gravel ish when I move my arm in a circular motion. When I put my ear up to my left shoulder it doesn’t make any noise when I do this. On top of this when I move my right arm in general my shoulder doesn’t feel like it moves smoothly like my left should does. 

I had fell off my motorcycle about 2 years ago going about 15 mph and landed on that side of my body so maybe it has something to do with that I never went to the doctor about it. but I didn’t have this issue until about a year after that incident. I did however have an issue with the bone below my right knee ever since that incident  causing me to have to pop it often to feel like it’s situated better.

Any ideas what the problem could be?


I also never exercise and am generally sitting or laying down pretty much all day everyday so maybe that has a factor in something I don’t know.

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