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I think my eye problem was very misdiagnosed, was it? and if so what could this be?

So there was this bump on my eyeball.  It was clear and kind of oblong in a way, on the outer layer of my eye.  It was off to the side that was closer to the side of my face, and partially under the upper eyelid. It didn't hurt but it felt irritating. It would also appear off and on, disappearing completely for up to a day sometimes and then returning in the exact same place with the same shape, staying for from a few hours up to a day. 

I went to the doctor and they seemed to hardly look and dismiss the fact that there was a bump on my EYEBALL, instead telling me it was a stye on my EYELID, and brushing off when I kept pressing 'but then why can i clearly see a bump on my eyeball'? I've had styes multiple times before and know what they look/feel like. I didn't even have a stye.

The doctor gave me antibacterial eye drops though and they seemed to work.

I'm just nervous if this problem reoccurs. I looked into it and couldn't find anything that says a stye can cause a bump on your actual eyeball or even the appearance of such a thing.

Anyone know what this could actually be? COULD IT have somehow been a stye, and if so could you explain how?? thanks, I really hope it doesn't come back D:

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  • 8 months ago

    It sounds like you had a conjunctival cyst. The good news is that is does not need any treatment.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    So go to another doctor. Why are you asking amateur idiots on Yahoo?

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    • kc8 months agoReport

      god this website is so useless you ask any question and someone just condescends to you in the comments when you wanted real opinions -_-

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