I have a big job interview coming up, any advice?

I have a final interview coming up for my first corporate job. I'm wrapping up college with about 18-20 Units left which I plan to complete online and at night. They're willing to hire me full time given my past job experience and completed education.

Any advice as to how I should handle this? What questions I should look out for and how to correctly answer?

Thank you in advance!


The job is related to a Finance/Accounting Role, and the interview process had me go through a phone screening, and an in-person interview with the Team I'd be working with. So far they haven't really asked me much besides what my goals are in 5 Years, Why I chose to apply there, and whether I'd be attending school around work hours.

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  • 8 months ago

    be about 10 minutes early. Dress business casual, if not in a suit. research the company you want to work for. Who is the top 3 bosses. What they make or service they do. make sure you are aware of the basics of the job you are to do. Turn off your cell phone. do not even put it on vibrate. Use the bathroom in the lobby or near by restaurant just before your interview. That's all I can think of now.

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  • 8 months ago


    You haven't told us anything about the job or the recruitment process and think we have crystal balls to know what to look out for?

    Advice - use your cognitive thinking abilities more. 

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