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should Ring of honor wrestling start streaming shows on YouTube?

MLW. defiant. WXW, NWA and ICW have put weekly shows on YouTube and people have gone on and watched them. AEW kind of does the same thing with AEW:dark. So should ROH do the same thing?

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  • Candle
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    9 months ago
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    No.  I don't think doing so would help ROH.  ROH's problems are bigger than slapping a youtube show up for streaming.  It's also unlikely since Sinclair Broadcasting Group owns ROH.  Speaking of, Sinclair has reach over 40% of America and ROH still can't move the needle past some of these streamed wrestling shows.  The only exception might be MLW.  As of October ROH only drew around 120,000 viewers while being broadcast through multiple major TV markets.  Meanwhile NWA Powerrr gets around 300 K on the regular and AEW Dark fluctuates between around 120 k and 300 k.

    But yeah, ROH has the means to reach people already.  The problem is that nobody wants to watch it.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    They should worry about treating their talent better. 

  • Since I already can see Ring of Honor's Weekly Television Show on Regular Network Television every week and on Cable every week thanks to Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns Ring of Honor, how would streaming the same show or other shows help? Ring of Honor's problem stems from the fact that so many of their Wrestlers from the last decade now work for WWE or AEW, or NJPW or Impact Wrestling. If I want to see reDDragon they wrestle in NXT. If I want to see SCU they wrestle in AEW to name 2 examples.

  • Hector
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    9 months ago

    Yes they should. You can also catch them on Fitetv

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