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I have a qyestion for people who are not very young?

1 - say your age

2 - According to your life experience, do bad people eventually get bad stuff back and do good people eventually go far in life?

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    3 weeks ago
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    1. No. Let's just say I'm 2.5x times the age of the average users.

    2. Nope. See, the President. Good, smart, decent people are crushed by narcissists and psychopaths if there aren't very stringent checks and balances.

    Nobody will help you and there's no God and no karma.

  • Bobo
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    3 weeks ago

    Over 50.  Good behavior has 2 distinct advantages over bad behavior.  First, good behavior enables the moral high ground with the advantage of being able to judge and condemn bad behavior.  Secondly, good behavior spreads to others and gets rewarded with real peace of mind.  Honesty, responsibility, integrity, self-control, etc. are the fundamentals of a sound mind and body.  Those who choose poor behavior suffer from inferiority, self-doubt, and fear that someone will find out their poor character.  Cheating is limited in reward potential, while honesty has no limits. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    55, depends on what you mean by bad stuff, good people.

    I think moral, ethic people might not get further in life than others, and some bad people go farther in life than others.

  • 3 weeks ago

    BAD PEOPLE might be in jail...

    people who work hard will likely be fine.

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