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If put nail in LIVE hole in electric socket and you'r grounded on earth,will wire loose its eletrons due this not beign closed circuit?

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    It is a closed circuit. The neutral is connected to earth either where it enters the building or at the sub-station. Therefore live is live relative to earth and therefore a circuit is formed when you touch the nail.

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    If you are grounded to Earth, then the circuit is closed.  The electric power comes from a power plant, perhaps 100s of kilometers away, and the power plant is also grounded.

  • 3 weeks ago

    The electrons will flow thru you, on the other end of the wires, the generator sees current flow. They are not created or destroyed, they simply are forced to flow around the circuit you made.

  • An electric current will flow from live to earth through your body causing muscle spasms.  The wire will not lose it's electrons, but you'll probably lose your life.

    • Ognjen3 weeks agoReport

      what happened with electrons since its not closed circuit?

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