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What is institutional (structural) racism?

How would you describe institutional racism in one word or a short explanation? Serious inquiries only, please.

Thank you!

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  • Bobo
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    A country club that refuses to admit minorities as members simply because they are minorities would be an example.  The institution is the country club and racism is the rule (written or unwritten) of refusal to admit a minority.  

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    Before the Civil Rights era of the 1960s, government laws were racist.  Blacks were not allowed to live in white neighborhoods, to shop at white stores, to go to white movie theaters.  They had their own neighborhoods, their own schools and parks and restaurants and movie theaters.  That was structural racism.  It wasn't just someone's opinion, it was built into the system.

    A black person might apply for a job and find that the company simply had a policy of hiring black people.  It wasn't that the personnel manager didn't like them, it was a company-wide law!

    During the Depression, many working people were losing their homes because they couldn't get jobs to keep up their mortgage payments.  The fed. govt. passed laws to help fund peoples' mortgage, but first they had real estate experts draw lines on maps to delineate 'good' neighborhoods from 'bad' ones, and they would only help people in good neighborhoods where the homes would increase in value.  This was called 'redlining' because they drew red lines on the map.  Well, blacks simply weren't allowed to live in 'good' neighborhoods!  So all the help went to white people and blacks were more likely to lose their homes.  That's structural racism.

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