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Can you have pregnancy symptoms 5 days after sex ? ?

I heard many people say they instantly know the next day it’s just like a feeling . And that’s kinda how I am now my period ain’t due to another 6 days... I have hot flashes sore boobs headaches tiredness cramps back pained which is all new cause I DONT ever pms either 

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    The embryo implants into the wall of the uterus at about that time. There may even be a small amount of bleeding. And as soon as it implants it starts making pregnancy hormone (HCG) to ensure that you don't menstruate. So symptoms are possible. 

  • Edna
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    It's impossible to have any "pregnancy symptoms" just 5 days after having sex.


    Five days after having sex, you probably wouldn't even BE pregnant yet. It can take up to 10 days after an egg is fertilized before it implants into the lining of the uterus and establishes a pregnancy. Until implantation happens, you're not pregnant.

    Hot flashes, sore boobs, headaches, tiredness, cramps, and back pain are NOT early signs of pregnancy. The FIRST sign of a suspected pregnancy is ALWAYS going to be if your period is at least one week overdue. 

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    Of course you can't.  And those people who say they "instantly know" are taking a stab in the dark.  Statistically speaking, they're wrong more often than they're right.  I can't tell you how many women would call or come in to see the doctor "just knowing" they're pregnant and end up with a negative test and period a day or two later.

    As a quick Reproduction 101 lesson, conception can take up to five days after sex.  In extreme cases, it can take longer.  From there, it takes 7-10 days for the fertilized egg to implant.  At that point, hCG begins to be produced.  It takes at least a few days for that to trigger the very first sign of pregnancy - a missed period.  It takes several days to weeks past that to cause any physical symptoms.

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    No is the short answer

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    No there are no symptoms at all for at least a month to a month and a half.

  • Anonymous
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    Sometimes women "get that feeling" and they just happen to be right.  That doesn't make it "real" or "reliable".  It just means that they thought they were pregnant and they actually were.  There are many more times that those kinds of feelings are wrong.

    There is NO RELIABLE SYMPTOMS at five days after sex. 

    Pregnancy hormones cause pregnancy symptoms.  At five days after sex, the hormones are NOT strong enough to be causing all those symptoms.  At five days after sex, implantation may not have even happened yet since that can take six to ten days.

    If it is only six days until your period and sex was five days ago that also means there is a very good chance that you MISSED your ovulation point by about two or three days since ovulation is USUALLY about fourteen days before the next period and not eleven days before the next period.  (of course - there are exceptions such as late ovulation or natural variations in cycles.)

    Basically - your symptoms could be a simple hormone imbalance even if you have never experienced it before it doesn't mean pregnancy is the only reason it could be happening.

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    No. The egg can implant 5-15 days after sex. If it does happen 5 days after the pregnancy hormones are not strong enough yet to cause pregnancy symptoms. 

    I bet you don't hear stories from women saying "I just had a feeling" when they didn't end up being pregnant. 

    Also just because you don't usually get PMS doesn't mean you never can.  

    Update: I'm not saying you're not pregnant - just that 5 days is too soon to know you are. 

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