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my girlfriend tol me last night she has lost all of her passion for me?

So we have been together for almost 2 years we are both 20 years old and we have been going through a rough stretch. So it all started a few days ago I bought her some work boots because she works on a farm with horses and she ruined hers so I thought it would be a nice surprise and kind of an early Christmas present. I got her these 120 dollar boots and I got them in the wrong size and she was kind of upset she told me when I get her something to ask for help and it kind of hurt because I didnt even get a thank you. But that was kind of all of that I just returned them. then yesterday we got into a fight because she told me a story of how the owner of her farm sexually assaukted an employee and she told it to me as a joke and I told her that its not funny and she just said its not a big deal and we argued about that. We almost broke up and she was attacking me. She then said that she has lost all of her passion for me and she just has sex with me as a chore which really hurt. I just didnt know she felt this way. I just dont really know what to do. Early on in our relatinship I struggled with my anger but I have seeked help and I have reamined calm with her but I still end up always being the bad guy and now she feels no passion for me I just dont really feel loved. I am in college and I work so I am stressed and I dont know what to do any tips?

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  • kristy
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    9 months ago

    Dump her before she dumps you.

  • ?
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    9 months ago

    I will tell you honestly that sex becomes a chore for women when it's not fun for them. That usually happens because the guy goes right for penetration, which frankly, doesn't do much for women. There really aren't many nerve endings inside the vagina. Women get more pleasure from foreplay, and from stimulation of the clitoris, which most men don't know how to do. If she's willing to still be with you and try to make it work, see if you can find out what makes sex exciting for her. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    relationship has run its course. You all are young and finding your way in life and it is not together.Time to accept it and move on life goes one

  • 9 months ago

    yeah she is not in love with you anymore. Your pure prescience frustrates her. She may not want to admit it yet but she is probably gonna distance herself from you and start a relationship with someone else. Sorry the truth hurts. I would end it now and save yourself some future hurt buddy. 

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