I was in a fender bender involving three cars a few weeks ago.?

I filed with my insurance company and my vehicle is in the process of being repaired. Today, to my surprise one of the drivers from the accident came to my house trying to collect $250 for damages.

I asked him to file with his insurance but he said his insurance premiums would skyrocket if he reports the crash.

He began to get desperate so I asked him to leave and called the police.

I am at a loss for words because he was tailgating the car in front of him which caused a chain reaction. Why would he come to my house trying to collect? I live in TX and it is a no fault state.


Update to my question: The driver in the truck, the same one that came to my house, hit the car in front of him which caused the crash. He is at fault and by no means am I going to pay for damages he caused.

Update 2:

I received the police report and it states that he was at fault for failing to control his speed so he should not be asking for a penny.

Update 3:

Also, I found out that the driver of the truck was 19. The man who came to my home yesterday was definitely not 19 plus he had a different name from the driver.

Update 4:

I was the car in the front. He had been tailgating me then I moved over. Another car pulled behind me, then he also moved over and started tailgating that car. Cars were coming to a stop because of another accident up front. Because of his high rate of speed, he hit the car in the middle which in turn hit me. 

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  • May
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    3 weeks ago
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    Do not pay him.  Allow your insurance company to handle this.  That is why you have insurance.  If the other person contacts you again, politely tell him to contact your insurance company.  Do NOT become involved.  I hope that a police report was filed. 

     From the Texas DMV website:   "Texas is not a “no fault” state. On the contrary, Texas is what is called a “comparative fault” state. In Texas, each driver has to take financial responsibility for any accident in which they are more than 50% at fault. Most drivers do this by carrying liability insurance.

    "No fault" doesn't mean that nobody was at fault.  Someone is "ALWAYS" at fault.

    Accident?  Always call the police and then notify your insurance company......Always !

  • 3 weeks ago

    just submit to your insurance and let  them deny it.....or just ignore him and dare him to sue

  • 3 weeks ago

    Tell him "tough luck" and go away. He needs to learn some better driving habits.

  • 3 weeks ago

    That's really nice, but you forgot to ask a question.

    • Yvette3 weeks agoReport

      I did ask a question maybe you missed it.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Texas is NOT a no fault state.

    Texas is a comparative fault state which means that a driver must take financial responsibility for each accident in which they are more than 50% at fault in.

    You don't say how you are involved but what I'm reading between the lines:

    - if he hit the car in front of him and you hit him, you are responsible for his damage.

    - if he had not hit the car in front of him, until you hit him, you are responsible for both cars.

    So if you hit him, he needs to file a claim from your insurance company.

    • Yvette3 weeks agoReport

      I was the car in front and was hit when he hit the car in the middle.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You did the right thing by calling the police. Don't deal with people outside of your insurance company. If you pay anyone one single dollar you're admitting guilt!

  • martin
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    3 weeks ago

    He's probably very poor and trying to get money from you, thinking that if you don't file with your insurance, you won't get rated higher. Some people want to pay out of their own pockets rather than have an accident on their insurance record.

  • 3 weeks ago

    If you caused the wreck, you need sued by everyone.

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