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Was this super patronising or being nice?

I had a last appointment with a job adviser and I was mainly very quiet and during the appointment I said sorry about me arguing with her previously, she explained why she had to do something (what we were arguing about a few days before)and I said "it's ok I understand, and at the end off the appointment I got up to go as she gave me the travel expenses paper and she was like "awwwwwwwww..awwwwwww" (well more like rrrrrrrrrrrrrr). She said 'let me know if you need anything else' I said ok, I walked away again and she turned around on her chair saying 'oh and erm, "I'll stay in contact with you to see how you're getting on (In my new job, she was a job adviser for 6 months before) I'll stay in contact by email if hat makes things easier for you ? All in a nice voice for a change, I said yes and she said 'aww ok'And then when I walked away she went "oh, and erm....(I turned back around to look) and she went and well done"' and smiled before turning back to her CPU I felt a little bit talked down to, she said it all nicely and friendly but I'm not sure what to think,

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