How do I grow my edges back??

When I was in my early teens my sister would ALWAYS perm my hair, my edges would always burn, and end up with pus and bumps everywhere along my hair line, now I'm 29 and I cant seem to grow my edges back, I havent been at it for long but it's been about a year and nothing, everything I try grows my hair but not my edges, my edges are bald gaps and it's not alopecia, much side burns are long but my hair line is smooth bald, what should I do???? Or Use???

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Have you tried massaging the scalp on a daily basis? (Try with Jamaican black castor oil)

    Take Vitamin C, Fish oil & omega 3 vitamins ?

    High frequency scalp treatments ?

    Dont stress, don’t use products that have too many chemicals & don’t pull the hair too tight.

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