How can I find bras as a large-chested woman?

I recently up-sized to a size DDD bra, but even that still doesn't fit properly. Even in shops like Victoria's Secret, DDD is the highest cup size that they carry. I've asked an old friend from high school who has EXTREMELY large boobs, and she keeps recommending plus sized stores that only carry up to a size DDD. So she must be doing the whole "sister size" thing? I'm currently wearing a 38DDD, and the cups are too small. Can anyone recommend either a store that carries very large cup sizes, or a "sister size" that I could find in the average store? I'm getting really sick of having all this obvious spillage with my bras. It's especially becoming discouraging for my health, as I have no idea where to find a sports bras that fits properly so that I can start exercising again.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Victoria's secret is a terrible place for bras. Their size and style range is very limited. You need to find a specialty shop that does measuring and fitting. These carry  all the way up to G and H in bandsizes that regular stores don't stock. Some mid and high end department stores do measuring and fitting and carry a large size range. Department stores can also check other stores if your size is out of stock. You will need to look up department stores and specialty stores where you live and phone them to see if they can help you. Once you know your size there are plenty of online stores that sell specialty bras - such as sports bras and minimizing bras that will allow you to start working out again. Also, if your breast are large enough to be holding you back and give you pain them getting reduction surgery might be avoid idea. If it's medically necessary insurance will cover the costs.

  • audrey
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Do you have a Lane Bryant store in your area? They're the best at larger bras.

  • Ramona
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    3 weeks ago

    Research in your area for a bra fitting boutique.

    For large breasted women, it's super important to get the exact right sized bra and a bra shop can do this for you. If you are even a half size off, you are going to be extremely uncomfortable. I hope you saved up some money for this as really good quality bra's can run you a good amount of money but the good thing is it will last you for a very long time if taken care of.

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