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Van der Waals equation?

can you write van der Waals equation and units? also, I don't know unit of a,b

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    van der Waals equation

    (P + (n²a/V²))(V – nb) = nRT

    n = number of moles

    R = gas constant = 0.08206 (atm∙L)/(mol∙K)

                       8.314 L∙kPa/mol∙K

                       0.08314 L∙bar/mol∙K

                       62.36 L∙torr/mol∙K

                       62.36 L∙mmHg/mol∙K

    T = temperature in kelvins

    P = absolute pressure in atm, kPa, bar, torr

    V = volume in liters

    b = volume occupied by 1 mole of the gas molecules in L/mol

    a = a constant that depends on the gas, is a measure of the

         average attraction between particles, in L²•bar/mol²

         or L²kPa/mol²

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    8 months ago

    Google 'Van der Waals' equation

    a and b depends on the gas.

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