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Am I pregnant ?

I've been having having unprotected sex for 3 weeks and I've been having really bad cramps , my stomach makes nosies and my boobs are leaking yellow clear milk fluid, and I've been having nursea been vomiting but I took 2 pregnant test this week they all came back negative, am I pregnant and testing to early or. And has anyone had theses symptoms before? 

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    4 weeks ago

    Pregnancy hormones cause pregnancy symptoms.

    If the hormones are not strong enough to show up on a test - then they are NOT CAUSING YOUR CURRENT SYMPTOMS.

    That doesn't mean you are definitely not pregnant - it just means your current symptoms are not being caused by pregnancy hormones.

    Bad cramps and stomach noises are a sign of possible food poisoning or stomach virus.  Nausea and vomiting would be symptoms of food poisoning or a stomach virus.

    Stomach noises are NOT a common pregnancy symptom.  Really bad cramping is also NOT a common pregnancy symptom unless something is WRONG.

    A hormone imbalance could cause the leaking from the breasts.  I had that once AND WAS NOT PREGNANT.

    Nothing you have listed guarantees pregnancy.  Everything you listed CAN happen for other reasons.

    When it has been at least 21 days since the last time you had sex, then a pregnancy test will be accurate if you follow the directions.  

    If your current symptoms continue, I would recommend seeing the doctor to get treated for a stomach virus.

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    4 weeks ago

    < I've been having having unprotected sex  >

    I can stop here and say yes, you could be pregnant.

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