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Missed period but negative tests ?

I had protected sex twice (condom) and pulled out. My period is late and I took two tests and both came back negative. 

I’ve had cramps off n on for the last week. 

I had two periods each since I gave birth in August. Is this normal? 

I had a period in September and October. 

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  • 8 months ago

    There's really no such thing as 'normal'.  Some girls/women have periods that you can set a clock by, but many will skip months, or have some months that are light. 

    I highly suggest adding another layer of birth control - condoms by themselves are fairly effective (if used properly - and especially if you use the kind with spermicidal lubricant), but it's still a good idea to pull out, and even better if you do all of those - and get on the pill or get some kind of implant.

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