Can I bleach my shoes?

So I have a pair of burgundy vans and I wanted to make them white so I could draw on them with fabric markers. I want them to be completely white or since burgundy I practically dark red maybe reduced to a light pink? These aren't my main pair so I am not too worried about them since I don't use them often. I want to start wearing them more though but since I am in highschool now and we don't have a dress code unlike middle school where we had burgundy/white polo shirts which is why I got them in that color. If I bleach them will they be white or just this weird orange/beige color? I think I am going to to dilute it tho by making the ratio of bleach to water 1:5 because that's what's another site said but didn't really explain much. Help?


I also have a grey pair exactly the same style, so would it be better to do those instead?

Update 2:

Can someone please answer??

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  • 8 months ago
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    I've done a lot of laundry and a lot of bleaching and dyeing of fabrics & things.

    Bleach is tricky. You can TRY to bleach burgundy sneaks.... But they will never, ever come out white. They WILL BE BLOTCHY, with pink, rose, and various other tones around the thicker parts of the material - at best!

    Now the gray ones....hmmm. Probably would leave just pale beige or light gray splotches on the fabric. It's never even toned.Also, I had some pure white sneakers once, that I washed with just a little bit of bleach in the water - and it turned all the rubber parts yellow. So that wasn't a good look...And I once sprayed a toilet seat with 50/50 bleach water to clean - then left for awhile. It turned the painted surface YELLOW as HECK and I could not get it off! This was an expensive seat too. Still cringe at that one....These websites that always tell people "do it yourself! It's easy!" or cut your own hair, etc. Gah!  They're full of it.

    I suspect you are probably still going to bleach something... maybe experiment on an old shirt or some throw away you don't like first? 

    Meanwhile save your shekels for some pure white sneakers. Christmas IS around the corner...

    • Thank you! So I have to avoid it on the rubberish soles? and the white sides? Okay I am okay with multiple colors because if it isn't good enough to just draw on I can use fabric markers if it's light enough to repaint the whole thing. if it doesn't work out, I'll just throw them away coz they r old

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