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if a 2 stroke small engine has not been started for 3-4 years, why it would run not the best even after changing carburetor?

have a leaf blower that have not even started in past 3-4 years and has sat in a shelf boxed up. I did drain the gas out of the carb before boxing it up. and i did change the carburetor before starting it up again. but it idles good, and starts right up, but after a while of running it at high rpm. it kind of "boggs down" or runs not so strong. what might be reasons?

maybe carbon in the cylinders needing to burn out? old fuel sticking to the walls? other?

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    3 weeks ago

    Very little to go wrong on a two stroke. Mine sat years, carb ok. Another simply needed  carb cleaned. Still would  start right up and run well on starting fluid. 

    Remove head,  clean, Clean around exhaust port--they "coke up". New head gasket, if any.   Hotter plug. Spray   WD 40 around crank to see if seal leaks when it "bogs". Check reed valve, if any. Nothing else Left to try. 

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      On a ;leaf blower, jets are holes in an aluminum block. No bowl, so they run on suction and can run upside down.,

  • 3 weeks ago

    There are all sorts of videos on youtube to help repair 2 stroke leaf blowers. Next time buy an electric one.

    • Anon3 weeks agoReport

      Electrics are a Palin of you have Any acreage. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Leaf blower troll strikes again.

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