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What should I do about my son?

My son is 26 years old. He has acute anxiety, and He recently moved back home, because he wasnt getting along with his brother, and his gf. Hes lived here for about 7 months. He works a part time job, because he has acute anxiety, and has quit several jobs because of it. Anyway, hes been acting odd these past few months. Just real quiet, and just sits in his room, looking at his phone. He doesnt even play video games anymore. He use to go out, and work in the yard, but he doesn t even do that anymore. He basically does nothing, besides coming home and eating. What I m really worried about is, when he was 19, he was diagnosed with wpw. His heart was going way too fast, so they had to be transported In an ambulance to another city. He ended up flat lining for 6 minutes on the way there. I came home the other day in a bad mood, to realize he hadn t washed the dishes or anything. I m getting real sick of it, so I gave him an ear full. He got mad, and told me that he was begging the paramedic to let him die in the ambulance, and hes no longer Interested in living. He use to joke around with me to the point were I was annoyed, but he hardly smiles now. I d give anything to have him joke around like that again. He hardly talks to me unless I talk to him. I asked him a few times to see a counselor, but he gets irritable. Hes just completely angry all the time, and it scares me. What do I do?

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    Your son needs therapy and probably a visit to the psychiatrist for anxiety meds. This is not normal.

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    Talk to an attorney about whether the Wolff-Parkinson-White is enough for you to get a conservatorship over him. He's CLEARLY mentally ill and needs psychiatric treatment but you can't force that unless you have the legal right to do so. So go get a lawyer.

  • Rick
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    3 weeks ago

    I have anxiety struggles too so I can relate to him.  He's depressed because his anxiety is ruining his life.  That's how it was for me too before I saw my family doctor for medications and saw a psychologist for her help.

    There's a good chance he feels weak for struggling with anxiety so he's afraid to get help.  Lots of young men think they can solve these issues themselves but most can't.  I hope he sees there's no shame in asking for help.  Only then will things change for him.

    BTW Anger is about sadness.

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    take him to the doctors to find out if he has a medical reason for acting like that

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    Take it a step further by making the appointment with the counselor yourself, and driving him to the counselor when the appointment occurs. A depressed person is sometimes too far down to help themselves and their ego exists as a hurdle to getting help by themselves. Good Luck.

  • 3 weeks ago

    on condition of living in your house, he should be on anti-anxiety medication and getting counseling.

    If he doesn't do both, he's out in 60 days.

    You have to set boundaries for him as an adult living in your house, otherwise he will be 40 years old, still living in your house with no rules.

  • Pearl
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    maybe he should go see a doctor, it could be a medical problem

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    All right. 

    It is more than obvious that your son may have a mental illness and you are enabling him.  You allow him to live in your home without contributing and even when you point out that he has failed to do a simple chore, he becomes irritated and suggests suicide.

    How long will you let this go on?

    Either he agrees to go to counseling or he has to get out.

    Is he doing drugs?  You say at 19 he was having tachycardia and I thought it was odd that he had to be transported to another city when this condition is easily treated at any hospital.  So, what was the follow up and what caused the tachycardia?

    Instead of blowing up, why not sit down with him, turn the TV off and engage him in conversation?  This will never get better by just letting it go.

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