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I feel trapped what to do?

This will be long but I haven’t had a job in a few years it stresses me out I am thankful to at least about finally getting my permit I got in a car crash or would have got it earlier then I have. I will be applying for side jobs soon I think but I really don’t think anyone would hire me I was snapped at once for my speech impediment which I am working on and it’s actually a lot better then it was 4 years ago. Now my career job I am meant to do but that could take years to get in I want to be a minister I actually didn’t want to before if you are religious you’d understand the force feeling of it I am female to but if I think of doing something else my life actually gets miserable my dad also had that feeling which explains a lot but I’m sure he would have been a catholic priest but he’s ignored it and his life actually became miserable I am not sure if ignoring it is for sure why though but like it wouldn’t surprise me. Sometimes when I apply for jobs online when they are hiring the apply button won’t even be there I would love to do something tell them but it sucks when you’re not meant to I am trying not to complain but I don’t know what to do I’d love my own place.

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    maybe you can create your own job if youre having a hard time getting one, they have grants for that

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    maybe you should get some counseling, it might help you out

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    GET A JOB!!!!!!! GET A JOB NOW!!!!!! Doesn't matter what it is, apply for a dishwasher, apply for a car washer, for a waiter, for a grocery store clerk.


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    You have a lot of reasons why things won't work for you. It's up to you to decide if you want to believe these things or not.

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