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Why is one of my female guppies chasing another female guppy?

I have 3 pregnant guppies in my tank at the moment, no males as I accidentally bought all pregnant females from a pet shop. There is one dwarf guppy who seems to just wander off and do stuff by herself but the 2 normal sized guppies hang around each other more (maybe because of size and they are more alike). The most pregnant female who has a black garvid spot and the biggest belly is chasing the other big guppy who's belly isn't as big (not the dwarf because I think she isn't much of a threat to the biggest guppy). Why is she doing this?

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    Pregnant fish are stressed, scared, possibly in pain, and very vulnerable. Those thing lead to aggression, defensivness, offensiveness.  

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      Do you think she could be warning the other fish to stay away from her because she might be about to give birth or something??

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  • denise
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    Jealousy maybe?

    When my parents had tropical fish, they had to put the pregnant guppies in a separate 'birthing' tank inside the big tank. As some other fish would gobble up the babies as soon as they 'popped' out!

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      i guess, yeah but i need to know because they are both pregnant..

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