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I HAVE NO FRIENDS AT ALL ;-; No one talks to me like is it that I'm ugly??? Or look disabled or something??? They ALWAYS leave me?

I sit alone at lunch and try my best to not tear up because everyone has friends and I m just invisible, I feel so different and feel like I have something wrong with me since everyone else seems to make friends. Sometimes, I think it s because I m boring or it s my appearance. I hate going to each class and going from school to home because they all walk with each other home and I am just walking alone. All the friends I make leave me the next day, they just say hi and smile like they just feel pity for me. They never actually say, " Lets walk home together " or " You want to come with me to my house? " It s like they run away from me, and I don t want to seem desperate enough to say something like " Why aren t you talking to me? I thought you were my friend?? " I don t want to chase after kids because I m that desperate. I just want a friend I feel like I broke the world record of being quiet when I m school.

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    WOAH gurl aint nobody ugly in this world im 120% your gorgeous and whoever says then those jealous b**ches can go f**k them selves, there’s nothing wrong with you, im pretty sure there is someone Out there that isn’t gonna act like a b**ch. One day they’ll come and chase you and realize how much of an opportunity they lost

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    I wonder how many loners there are in your school lunchroom? Why not buy a journal from your local bookstore and use it to count out how many different groups of people that are friends, then count out the number of loners there are in the lunchroom. Keep doing this for about 6 weeks in your lunchroom, you might find out that there are more loners in the school than groups of friends. 

    Once you finish this lunch time school project, you will be able to pick out the loners from the groupies. The next step is get to know the loners.

    Hope this plan works out and improves your high school social life.

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    Welcome to my world. I haven't had a friend in 28 years and I am only 43.

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