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Bigot question ?

What defines a true bigot, what is bigoted thought? Do you have to be a bit bigoted even to fight bigotry? Do some bigots accuse non bigots of being bigots? 

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  • Bobo
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    9 months ago
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    There are 2 ways that people generate their thoughts.  One is through emotional logic which leads to considering "feelings" only.  The other is through objective logic which is rooted in dispassionate analysis.  The emotional logic group condemns the objective logic group for reaching the conclusions that they do because they do not understand objective logic and can only "think" with emotion.  They therefore generate an emotional reason for the objective conclusion and assign a "feeling" to the motive--racist, bigot, homophobe, etc.  The objective logic people do not understand the emotional logic people either and simply think that they are misguided.  Everyone has opinions and prejudices regardless of whether they admit it or not.  Objective thinkers know it, emotional thinkers suppress it in the attempt to generate compassion.    

  • abdul
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    9 months ago

    "Bigot, racist, Islamophobe. homophobe" and so on are the most overworked words in the language lately.

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