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How to know if a woman has a good libido? Since many females tend to have lower sexual urges, compared to men?

Some men think going into a marriage that their wife will be wanting sex, but in many cases that is not the truth. I know a relationship where this guy literally has to I beg to his wife for sex.

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    I can tell you havent gotten laid much. 

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    If you have to beg a woman you've already had sex with for sex -- YOU are the problem. It's not sex drive, it's because you're not making her come, and she's getting NOTHING out of it. It's maybe even painful or disgusting to her. Why do men never fix themselves?

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    The only way to know is to talk with her about sex. When the two of you become serious and marriage is proposed that's when to talk about it. Don't assume he or she will be into sex as much as you wish.

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    Her libido is generally an indication of the state of your relationship. If you spend time with her, show her affection outside of the bedroom, talk to her about more than just the mundane day-to-day and you care about her pleasure, she'll want to have sex with you. The connection you share during the non-sexual side of your relationship influences the sexual side. 

    If you're not having sex it's because she's not feeling the connection.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    well if they want to have sex thats a clue

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Indeed! I think to, Hollywood likes to over sexualized females, and making them sex crazed when in actuality it's the men who are sex crazed. It can get males the wrong idea what their girlfriend actually want.

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